Dimensional Inspection: Our 3D scanning services help manufacturers reinforce their quality assurance by detecting defects or faults in dies, and production line parts. This ensures that products meet the required standards and specifications, and reduces the risk of product recalls or customer complaints.

Reverse Engineering: Digitalize plastic products and dies with respect to design-for-manufacturing requirements. Our expertise allows us to create accurate 3D models of these components, providing our clients with reliable solutions for their product development needs.

Design: Our team provides comprehensive support for product development, from industrial design concepts to molds design. Whether the product is an injection mold, blow mold, or thermoformed, we have the expertise and technology to help our clients achieve their product development goals with ease.

Rapid-Prototyping and Low-Volume Production: Our additive manufacturing process accelerates the development cycle, enabling faster and more cost-effective iterations. By 3D printing dies instead of investing in expensive metal dies, we achieve ROI on low-volume production

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