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Continuous Quality Monitoring for the Steel Industry

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Introducing LAP Laser Steel Measurement Systems
Embrace Industry 4.0

Discover unparalleled accuracy and efficiency with LAP laser steel measurement systems, designed to revolutionize your steel manufacturing process.

Our state-of-the-art systems utilize advanced laser technology to deliver precise, real-time, non-contact measurements of dimensions, thickness, and other vital characteristics of steel products.

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Steel Measurement Expertise

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Measurement in
Long Products

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Measurement in
Flat Products

Contour Check

Unlock the full potential of your steel manufacturing. Unlock the full potential of your steel manufacturing precision measurement solution. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge laser technology, CONTOUR CHECK accurately measures and monitors shape, dimensions, and surface quality of long steel products in real-time.

Transform your steel manufacturing operations and gain a competitive edge by integrating CONTOUR CHECK into your facility. Experience unparalleled precision and performance with this game-changing measurement system today!

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Capture Rate

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500 mm

max. diameter size

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Working Tempurature

Measurements Include



Rebar core diameter and rib height

Weight per meter and total weight


Head and Tail Lengths

Surface and Rolling Defects

Steel Profiles
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Wire & Rebar

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Detectible Rolling Defects
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Asymetric Underfill

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Roll gap too big

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Roll gap too small

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Asymetric fill

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Roll wear

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Roll Shift

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Detectible Surface Defects
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Steps with Hard Edges

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Steps with Smooth Edges

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With convex and concave dents
sharp contours

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With convex and concave dents
soft contours

Thickness Check Calix

Discover the THICKNESS CHECK CALIX, a cutting-edge solution for precise thickness measurement for flat steel and other metal products.

This innovative system uses advanced technology to provide real-time, non-contact thickness measurements, enabling you to optimize production processes, maintain consistent product quality, and minimize waste.

Boost your efficiency and gain a competitive edge with the CALIX Thickness Check.

Key Figures

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Capture Rate

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Measuring Depth

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Working Tempurature

Measuring Range
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Strip Thickness

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Edge Thickness

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Thickness Profile

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Wedge Cambering

Interested in elevating your steel manufacturing process?

We invite you to contact our team of experts to discuss the integration of LAP Steel Measurement Systems, ensuring increased efficiency, waste reduction, and improved product quality. Reach out to us today for a consultation.