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Metrology Grade 3D Scanning

We are equipped with a unique range of measurement technologies to serve your application, regardless of complexity or size, wherever you are.

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Reverse Engineering

Digitize your parts into accurate 3D CAD models for remanufacturing and accelerating product development.

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Dimensional Inspection

We aim to reinforce your Quality Assurance by providing precision NDT geometric inspection using our ISO 17025 accredited scanners for parts verification.

Product Development

Our multidisciplinary design team will help you realize your engineering requirements from conceptualization to implementation.

Additive Manufacturing

Unlock design freedom and on-demand production using the latest technologies in polymers, composites and metal additive manufacturing.

Digital Inventory

Cut inventory costs and lead time by implementing a digital inventory system to increase your supply chain and operation resilience.

Metrology Grade 3D Scanning
ReCreate3D is a leading provider of high resolution 3D scanning services for reverse engineering and inspection applications. While ReCreate3D is focused towards precision aerospace, defence, automotive, and industrial applications, we also support 3D scanning for medical, consumer products, and individuals. Furthermore, we offer non-conventional solutions to niche industry applications.
Our Technologies

Precision Laser Scanner

Metrology grade handheld laser 3D scanner with built-in photogrammetry system for best-in-class volumetric accuracy.

Unlike CMM machines, we can provide on-site NDT inspection and scanning services with competitive volumetric accuracy

Accuracy± 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy± 0.015+0.03mm/m
TechnologyBlue / Infrared / Photogrammetry
Part SizeUp to 10m

Industrial Large Area

ReCreate3D is the sole service and solutions provider in the Middle East for large area scanning using Surphaser Hemispherical 3D Scanners.

We offer un-matched sub-millimeter accuracy with ultra dense and low noise points density ideal for reverse engineering, dimensional control, BIM, historical preservation, architecture and forensics.

Range Uncertainty<0.5mm@5m
Range Noise0.1mm@3m
TechnologyPhase Shift, Hemispherical Scanner
Part Size0.4 to 30m+
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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a transformative process for companies seeking to improve their products and streamline their operations. Our precise and comprehensive services employ state-of-the-art technology, enabling clients to optimize their products and enhance their overall performance.​

Reproducing obsolete parts through reverse engineering can significantly save time and costs by avoiding the replacement of entire systems. We work closely with clients to ensure their specific needs are met, making the process seamless and efficient. Our team’s expertise in reverse engineering can enhance a company’s competitiveness and drive innovation.​

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Why Reverse Engineering?

  • Improve design and functionality of products​
  • Optimize manufacturing processes and reduce costs​
  • Identify and fix design flaws, improve performance, and extend product lifecycles​
  • Create spare parts for older equipment​
  • Gain a competitive advantage by quickly developing new products or iterating on existing designs.​
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Our Advantage​

  • Our specialized engineers ensure that our reverse-engineered models are both manufacturable and of exceptional quality, tailored to the specific needs of each industry.​
  • Class A surface reverse engineering essential for automotive and marine.​
  • Close collaboration with clients to ensure their specific needs and requirements are met, resulting in seamless and efficient outcomes​
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Dimensional Inspection

When it comes to critical parts applications, accuracy is paramount. That’s why our 3D scanning-based dimensional inspection services are essential for industries such as aerospace, defense, and automotive. ​

Our ISO 17025-accredited laser scanning technology and expert team provide precise and detailed measurements of critical components, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards and comply with regulations. ​

With our dimensional inspection services, you can have confidence in the reliability and safety of your critical parts, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.​

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3d design


  • Quality Control: used for quality control in manufacturing processes​
  • Maintenance and Repair: used to evaluate damage and repairability of damaged parts.​
  • Tool and Die Manufacturing: ensures tools are machined to required tolerances.​
  • Regulatory Compliance: Certain industries such as Aviation MRO, require dimensional inspection to comply with regulatory requirements. It ensures that the tools meet the required standards and are safe to use.​
  • GD&T: Inspect according to GD&T requirements to ensure the parts will function as intended.​
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Product Development

Our versatile, multidisciplinary team specializes in delivering tailored product development services that cater to your unique application requirements, ensuring the optimal solution for your specific needs.​

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach and cutting-edge technologies, which enable us to consistently exceed expectations and drive your project’s success.​

3d design
3d design

Product Development Services​

  • Advanced Industrial Design​
  • Expert Class A Surfacing for automotive, marine, and plastics applications​
  • Comprehensive Yacht Design, encompassing structural construction and stability calculations​
  • Customized DC-AC and Lithium Power Systems for defense, recreational vehicles, and marine applications​
  • Integrated Electro-Mechanical Systems, Custom PCB and Electrical Harness Design​
  • Cutting-edge R&D and Finite Element Analysis for optimized performance​
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Additive Manufacturing

Discover cutting-edge 3D printing solutions tailored to your needs, setting us apart from the rest. ​​

Experience unparalleled versatility with our diverse range of both polymer and metal additive manufacturing technologies. ​

Elevate your projects with our innovative, high-quality, and customized offerings, revolutionizing the way you create.​

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

  • SLS, HP MJF, and FDM for polymer 3D printing.​
  • Metal SLS 3D printing for industrial functional parts.​
  • Investment casting for Gold, Brass, Bronze and other non-printable metals.​
  • 3D printing of clear plastics.​
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Advantages of additive manufacturing​

  • Rapid prototyping​
  • Faster production of functional parts​
  • Obsolete parts replacement​
  • Spare parts reproduction​
  • Creation of precise jigs and fixtures​
  • Faster production of complex molds for composite materials.​
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Digital Inventory & Warehousing

Our digital inventory services utilize 3D scanning and CAD modeling to provide accurate and real-time inventory data, reducing risks of stockouts and overstocks. ​

We help our clients forecast demand and optimize inventory levels, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. ​

Our services also improve safety and enable the implementation of new technologies such as IoT and AI. We prioritize data accuracy and consistency and provide a robust IT infrastructure to support digital inventory management. ​

Gain a competitive edge, enhance supply chain operations, and improve safety and efficiency with our digital inventory services.​

Double Helix Pump
Babbit Bearing 3d design

Why Develop Your Digital Inventory?​

  • Creates a comprehensive record of a company’s parts, including CAD models, material compositions, 3MF 3D printing data and manufacturing parameters.​
  • Enables just-in-time inventory management, reducing the need for large inventories and saving costs.​
  • Facilitates on-demand manufacturing with short lead times, helping companies stay competitive in a fast-paced market.​
  • Digital twins enable companies to simulate and test new designs, optimize processes, and identify potential issues before they occur.​