Our Specialities


Industries & Applications


Exterior Parts: Custom design services for exterior parts, such as spoilers, bumpers, fenders, roof rails, and badges.

Smart Systems Integration: Electrical systems integration services, including sensors, screens, and cameras for smart solutions and electrification.

Off-road and Motorsport: Design and development services for off-road and motorsport vehicles, including off-road bumpers, winch integration, roll cages, drivetrain and chassis parts, sensor integration, and custom exhaust systems.

Commercial Vehicles Modification: Modification services for commercial vehicles, such as buses, vans, wagons, and trucks to meet specific requirements.

Electric Vehicles Conversion: Transforming gas-powered vehicles into eco-friendly electric ones, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for transportation needs.


Global 3D Scanning Services: We offer on-site 3D scanning using best-in-class accuracy at an extraordinary value for electrical engineering service providers.

Reverse Engineering: Our services include reverse engineering of motor and generator components, such as cores, windings, retaining rings, supports, blocking, and insulation.

Spare Parts Remanufacturing: We provide spare parts low volume production using additive manufacturing in metal and high-performance polymers, helping clients avoid high capital investments and reduce downtime.

Plant Scan-To-BIM: We offer Plant BIM services to assist in planning for plant upgrades by providing as-built BIM models captured using large-area 3D scanners. Our high-quality BIM models enable clients to visualize their existing plant and plan for upgrades more efficiently.


3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering: We specialize in 3D scanning and reverse engineering for retrofits, BWTS, and scrubbers, covering hulls, molds, engine, and pump rooms, as well as mechanical components such as impellers, babbit bearings, and casings.

Boat Design: We specialize in composite, aluminium, and HDPE boat design from concept to detailed engineering.

Calculations: Our naval engineers provide stability calculations and booklet preparation for Rena and Loyd’s classifications, ensuring that your vessels meet the highest standards of safety and compliance with regulations.

Power and Lithium Battery Systems: We also offer electrical systems design and integration of Lithium battery systems.


Dimensional Inspection: Our 3D scanning services help manufacturers reinforce their quality assurance by detecting defects or faults in dies, and production line parts. This ensures that products meet the required standards and specifications, and reduces the risk of product recalls or customer complaints.

Reverse Engineering: Digitalize plastic products and dies with respect to design-for-manufacturing requirements. Our expertise allows us to create accurate 3D models of these components, providing our clients with reliable solutions for their product development needs.

Design: Our team provides comprehensive support for product development, from industrial design concepts to molds design. Whether the product is an injection mold, blow mold, or thermoformed, we have the expertise and technology to help our clients achieve their product development goals with ease.

Rapid-Prototyping and Low-Volume Production: Our additive manufacturing process accelerates the development cycle, enabling faster and more cost-effective iterations. By 3D printing dies instead of investing in expensive metal dies, we achieve ROI on low-volume production

Oil & Gas

On-Site 3D Scanning: Our on-site 3D scanning services allow us to inspect and measure components on location, reducing downtime and minimizing disruption to operations.

Deep Bore 3D Scanning for Drilling Pipes: Our unique technology enables us to perform accurate measurements of drilling pipes’ internal diameters. Using our deep bore 3D scanning services, we can collect high-quality data that allows us to make informed decisions about drilling pipe conditions.

X-ray 3D Scanning: Get accurate measurements of internal features that are otherwise inaccessible without destructive methods. Our X-ray 3D scanning services allow us to inspect the internal structure of cast parts for the detection of voids, cracks, and contaminants.

Digital Inventory and Additive Manufacturing:
Our Digital Inventory solutions transform spare parts management using Industry 4.0 principles. We enable on-demand production, lowering costs, supporting Just-in-Time manufacturing, and fostering eco-friendly practices. Our services also facilitate legacy component creation with Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and enhance part functionality through advanced design and manufacturing techniques

Defense & Aerospace

Systems Integrations: Our 3D scanning services expedite and enhance designs for frames, racks, and housings, allowing for efficient land, sea, and air vehicle upgrades with radios, sensors, and other mission-critical applications.

Dimensional Inspection: Utilizing our high-precision 3D scanners, we deliver rapid inspections of damage and dents, surpassing traditional manual measurements. This approach saves significant downtime and streamlines documentation for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) applications.

Power and Mechanical Conversions: We offer comprehensive solutions for shelters, vehicle conversions, and DC-AC power systems to the Armed Forces, National Guard, Police, and Civilian Defence, catering to their unique requirements and ensuring optimal performance.

Spare Parts: Our reverse engineering services facilitate the remanufacturing of obsolete or worn-out components, ensuring continued functionality and performance even when original parts are no longer accessible.


Scan-To-BIM: We provide construction Scan-To-BIM services utilizing LIDAR scanning technology to precisely survey construction sites, delivering accurate As-Built BIM Models for enhanced project planning and execution.

Precast Inspection: As architectural innovation necessitates increased geometric complexity, traditional measuring tapes fall short for 3D dimensional inspections. Our full-surface 3D inspection approach enhances quality control reporting for more accurate results.

Laser Projection: LAP laser projectors accelerate manual setup by 50%, using CAD data to project true-to-scale images for accurate positioning of cut-outs, formwork parts, and mounting elements. They simultaneously support quality assurance, ensuring precise production standards for wall elements, prefabricated ceilings, and double walls. Enhance output and product quality across diverse plant types and processes with our system solution, comprising laser projectors and software specifically tailored for the precast concrete parts industry’s requirements.