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Who is ReCreate3D

ReCreate3D is a dedicated on-site metrology services house for your Quality Assurance and Reverse Engineering needs.

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At ReCreate3D we are specialists in 3D scanning and industrial Laser measuring technologies wherever you are.

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With state of the art equipment, unique partner network and extensive multidisciplinary experience, we aim to provide end-to-end solutions to you.

Akram Mousa

Akram Mousa

Our Story
Our Story & Founder

ReCreate3D was established in 2021 by Akram Mousa, a seasoned Metrology Consultant and the visionary behind ReCreate3D. His comprehensive career in the automotive and defense sectors saw him spearheading the introduction of metrology capabilities across varied R&D and MRO applications.

Motivated by the localization strategies promoted by UAE and Middle Eastern governments, he seeks to contribute to this aspiration through consulting and fostering the growth of advanced metrology applications in the MENA region.

Vision: ReCreate3D aims to stand as the preeminent industrial metrology brand in the MENA region.

Mission: By leveraging cutting-edge technology and deep expertise, we strive to bolster MENA industries by enhancing Quality Assurance (QA) and minimizing production costs and associated risks.

Delivering complete solutions
We aim to deliver complete solutions to our customers as both services and solutions consultation.

Industry-Specific Reverse Engineering

Through our partner network we offer more than the core services of 3D scanning, reverse – engineering and dimensional quality inspection. We provide industry – specific reverse engineering techniques and new product development based on each discipline’s design and manufacturing considerations.

Establish Optimal Workflows & ROI

For companies looking into developing their internal metrology capabilities, we can assist with establishing the optimal workflow and equipment selection to deliver the highest ROI in alignment to your corporate strategy.