Scan-To-BIM: We provide construction Scan-To-BIM services utilizing LIDAR scanning technology to precisely survey construction sites, delivering accurate As-Built BIM Models for enhanced project planning and execution.

Precast Inspection: As architectural innovation necessitates increased geometric complexity, traditional measuring tapes fall short for 3D dimensional inspections. Our full-surface 3D inspection approach enhances quality control reporting for more accurate results.

Laser Projection: LAP laser projectors accelerate manual setup by 50%, using CAD data to project true-to-scale images for accurate positioning of cut-outs, formwork parts, and mounting elements. They simultaneously support quality assurance, ensuring precise production standards for wall elements, prefabricated ceilings, and double walls. Enhance output and product quality across diverse plant types and processes with our system solution, comprising laser projectors and software specifically tailored for the precast concrete parts industry’s requirements.

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